jesus, the second coming




For Eisa Saif

After three days, you came back to life.

At Starbucks,Under my pink umbrella,

in the brightness of sunlight,

flapping your eyelashes as if it were my shelter,

coming towards the light

Where all the chaos that I have known

Came back to me as splinters of powdered glass

against my eyes

Where it nestled on pornography for months,

Seeing visions that moved in flesh and animation,

drawing love

From the blinding concert halls and disco lights,

its surmounting music,

a glyph to something I knew before,

a channel

I have forgotten before you came that day,

sipping your latte,

Telling me to love somebody who loves me back,

Reminding me that you once loved me

and that your love

Is as marked as

the stigmata and I am, in my velvetiness

And unabashed dimensions, capable of sitting under umbrellas

To wait for your Easter Sundays and claim renaissance

And return to incorruptibility.

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