sunrise boy

Sit down, my sun

I am your moon. Hear me


The gold on your index finger is pointing at me as if

It does not know me.

Do you know I used to live beside a river,

behind the great China Sea

And that I used to smoke a lot of pot and at eight, my uncle Touched me

and I did not understand it

Until his grass smothered the confusion away,

into the blue skies

Towards the great crash of water that sounded like glass breaking

As I dip low to the seas, desecrating and smiling inside:

I am fucking alive!

Do you know that I love you?

That behind all the words that slap Through your sun rays I still

carry such high tides as I embrace you

And say

I AM THE NIGHT. Welcome to my moist snuggles and hairy caresses.

You are mine now and I am beginning to see the faces of sunrise

That I have not seen before.

Do you know you burn me with your words of fire?

You kill me

Until I sleep when you make me feel like I am the obscurity

That you can never understand. Or just somebody you understand

When storms block the grandness of your light, deluding Reptilic rainbows

That snakes its way out of your tongue when you are in greed

And even when you are in content.

You see, coming from the core of this earth,

Beneath the piercing moments sliding my hands

Up and down your steamy short legs, you stretch Your being,

hating my friends slowly until I am sun baked good

For your greed to eat my skin, still crawling to your skin

Loving every moaning moment of it – lamenting my friends

You judged so well, leasing every sympathy I have learned

Growing up among friends who lighted candles

To tone the sinister space of my world, making itBeautiful,

amid the treachery Amid the fear

Amid the loneliness.

And here you are, making it all bright,

making it clear to me That I was wrong, that I belong in the daylight

In your overbearing sunrays I call love.

Behold, the days of my life with you. Here I am,

forgetting my nights.

A heart that you can eat like pizza

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