Day 5: a particle of my own star


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linda goodman

I like Astrology.  It has guided me through life in a sense.

Back in the late eighties, as a  frail pale boring scared high school student, a friend of mine named Racheljane introduced me to Linda Goodman.  I asked her what the heck was that Bible-looking book called Sun Signs meant and why she loved it so much she is bequeathing it to me?  She simply said, “You’ll understand people more and hate them less,” .  I was fourteen then.  My patience was 2 inches long.

For two years, I voraciously read Linda Goodman.  From there I learned the geometrical correlation of the planets and stars and how scientifically it has inspired the early intellectuals to presume life patterns and ways of nature back in the days when the telescope was still light years ahead.  In Sunday papers back in the days I used to make fun of horoscopes (actually I still do to this day) but I had a newfound respect for “faith” being the directive of my headstrong personality, in the midst of mainstream science’s rejection of astrology, being an admission of its own inadequacy.  Sure enough, my journey to astrology went on.  I couldn’t help it, science, like organized religion, became political through and through, and I began reading astrology to get to where I want to be:  magic land.  The precession of Equinoxes, zeitgeist, arcs and transits of the planets, the placement of Capricorn in the winter  – all this – consumed my readings, half of them I did not understand at all . . . I was, in turn, still groping for my magic.  And yes, did I get it in the end!

Years later, even with the influence of the more notorious realists and writers like Herman Hesse, Ayn Rand, Sarte, Maya Angelou et cetera, I still leaned on my youthful Goodman every time I meet people for the first time particularly teachers, possible friends and crushes, knowing that I have to get to know them first in my head before they lay their cards.  That is judgment to most.  To me, it is validation of astrology’s accuracy: a thin silver line from the universe to a particle of my own star here on Earth.  Through the years, I swear, I remembered zodiac signs more than I remembered birthdays.  Yes, I was such a geek.

At work, working in training and very much in tuned with people, I have always been grateful for my Linda Goodman days.  It did not only open my eyes for all the cosmic readings and new age worship that came my way through the years but it also helped me develop keen judgment based on books and actual observations on people I mingled with day in and day out.  I will use my 50-day writing scheme sharing my own thoughts on this subject that took history to unravel with malice and have caused outrage throughout the generations.

So, in my own pseudo-astrological way, I have always believed that . . .

apzARIES – are just upbeat.  They are walking misinterpretations because of their hunger for being the first in anything but their loyalty is stellar. Known for their leadership skills, they make great presidents and husbands.  I never liked Arians growing up because of their ability to make you scared with one look, but as I went along, I found their flare for power to be quite useful in the event of unreachable goals and they give tactics to such that are almost, always, correct.  If you are in a close relationship with an Arian, be sure to be just YOU.  An Arian can take it all and there is nothing more annoying to an Arian than pretense.

wing2TAURUS – one of the coolest signs ever!  Taureans are known to be very stable.  They are confident and they have strong convictions.  It is fun to see Taurus people spitting classic opinions against something that they don’t believe in and yet you notice their weakness for the subversive and the uncommon. Most of my Taurean friends are surrounded by unconventional activities and friends.  They have great affection that is not necessarily passionate.  It just comes right out of their natural emotional generosity.  If you are in love with a Taurean, nurture him/her with kindness and loyalty.  You will get it tenfold in return, trust me.

rheaGEMINI – Growing up, I was surrounded by Gemini uncles, aunts and cousins.  I have always thought that my duality in terms of opinions and the wit that came with it have been inspired by my childhood associations with Gemini characters who loved to talk, gossip, make and break stories – the entire Oral Tradition.  They are simply wonderful people!  Dual and energetic, their ideas ranges from the bright eyed Disney fathom to the darkest, most bizarre fun like jumping off a cliff!  Spontaneity is their middle name and their nickname is Fun.  If you are a homebody laced with a Gemini, better start shopping for tents.  Your partner thrives on the outdoors.

chingCANCER – My mother is a typical Cancer.  She hides things behind her classic smile.  Cancerians are clannish.  They survive knowing that their family is intact and perish if a family member perishes.  I have always believed though that they are the Full Moon People.  Basing from the crab’s character of wandering offshore during full moons, this sign can simply mutate from their usual fine, adoring, caring and familial nature to extreme wanderlusts who can create impossibilities at the strike of lunar mischief.  If you are eyeing a Cancer, be prepared for mood swings and deep passion.  And here’s the trick: stay mysterious and shower them with compliments especially about how special they are.

chacieLEO – Simply irresistible.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps it is their talent for self-promotion and their aim to get above the common heard of humanity.  Leos are basically very isolated even with their tenacity and will power.  They scarcely get into the pool of love but when they do, come hell or high water, they love to the bone.  They are happy to inspire others but can be overly-critical about things that they can’t get a grasp on.  Their pride is their life so if you are rubbing shoulders with a Leo, feed them with your independence but never forget to give a thumbs up with their every endeavor.  I like the sympathy in a Leo and I definitely respect their active mentality especially at work, where most of them excel more often than not.

jamesVIRGO – or the Virgin whose only crime is actually conviction are just authentic.  Virgos are so passionate they actually forget themselves doing something for the better good.  Their discriminating nature can be a nuisance at times but their adaptation to any situation is simply amazing.  They can make an empty tuna can into a killing machine given the chance.  Being eternal virgins all their lives, they make great critics and are fond of anything that comes with nature.  My sister Angeline is a Virgo.  She is an Afro-Asian literature professor in a university but listens to Nirvana after a hard day at work, preparing dinner for her Metal music loving husband and their two boys.  If you are with a Virgo, be intelligent.  They are.

kookieLIBRA – or the Scale are dubbed as the  most indecisive bunch in the house of the zodiac.  I don’t think so.  Their mental capacity is just so high strung with making other people happy, thus, they forget the more important things to do in their life like shop for new socks.  I mean, Librans can be really selfless like that, at times it gets to be irritating.  Like the fabulous Scorpions, they are also psychics and have great reverence for knowledge, peace and happiness.  Their fickle-mindedness is classic but if you are into Librans, be sure to be alternative in your choices as they are very comfortable with change and likes new things to come their way as often as possible.

valSCORPIO – forget the sexual intensity and the psychic abilities that this sign is so known for.  They are actually spelled as PASSION and are graduate students of intimacy.  They know how to put themselves in any situation and will persevere to get anything they want in life.  I have had lovers and friends who were Scorpions.  My sister Lourdes is one as well.  I know for a fact that their flighty nature is just a cover up.  Inside, they are pure, mental speedies who can eat you alive with their poison that lingers on and on even after they have gone.  Scorpions are powerful gods and goddesses who are self-destructing, sweet and are peace lovers rolled into one.  If you are with a Scorpio, consider yourself lucky.  I do not want to give it all away.  It is too special to divulge.

francisSAGITTARIUS – one of my favorite signs not because my father and my sister Kit is one, but they are just simply fun and laughter!  If you don’t know them too well, they may appear insensitive with their outspokenness and artiste stance (most of them are inclined to at least one form of art) but they are, in fact, the most compassionate people in the world.  They also have a lucky streak that works all the time.  They abhor selfish ambitions, bigots and have intense concentration.  Notice how they sometimes don’t listen to you when you are talking to them?  They are actually busy wondering how to make the world a better place, so if you are dealing with a Sagittarian, be at your best Angelina Jolie self and consider moving to Africa.

CAPRICORN – the finest sign on earth.  They are thinkers, reasoners, lovers and makes the best buddies in the world.  They can be really serious at times, thus their sense of humor lies on the dry side – a dark comedy if you may – than the usual slapstick.  They always yearn for something solid and permanent in their lives thus they tend to experiment in a lot of ways either in love, sex or their advocacy.  They are constant learners, celebrating the underdogs more than the born winners and are often swarmed by judgment because of their obsession to be understood.  If you are with a Cap, remember to be comfortable.  They like being needed.

joyce 2AQUARIUS – or the Water Bearers are born with a sharp head.  They are born politicians and are perfectionists, thus, they are easily hurt when rejected.  Most Aquarians are born talented.  They are so brainy that they can pursue anything and gets away with it.  They are quite rattled with the consequence of love.  It can be quite a distraction at times because they are born to excel – to give their 100% to rearing their surroundings that giving it singularly can be disturbing for them.  Easily overwraught, if you are with them, try telling them to put their feet up once in a while, spend time watching dvd with you and simply enjoy the day.  They like being pampered so remember to be available for some babying for your unscrupulous Aquarian lover.

donPISCES – my friend Racheljane, the one who gave me the beautifully tattered Linda Goodman book, is a Piscean: mental depth, sea lovers, perceptive and self-indulgent.  I particularly adore a Piscean because they are natural thespians.  If a Gemini is dual, a Pisces person is multifaceted.  It can be dangerous to some but for me, it is just divine.  Imagine bringing a Piscean to a strip show and then to church the next day?  They are so eclectic it is impossible not to be friends with them.  I always tell myself in times of low self-esteem to grab me a Piscean.  They know how to remind you to love yourself so if ever you are into them, remember to be audience.  They will marry you right off!

By:  Jon Verzosa (future fortune teller)


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