Day 18: rhyme, reason and resonance part two

2:59 PM

The Beach

Dear Chiz,

Once again, it was amazing how the universe have brought us together today.  I mean wasn’t that amazing, indeed ?

There I was, riding the metro, on my way to JBR, flimsy and unbecoming, drowning in my annihilated psyche with the chill of the morning and waking up quite late.  I was in my conventional walking form trying to sedate myself with the dazzling morning of fast lights and concrete grandness as the train sped up to Sheik Sayed Road.  I made love to my MP3 as usual, repeating Over You by Chris Daughtry 5 times throughout the commutation.  I am still in love with this song and I really do not know why.

I fell in love with morning and its metallic atrophy.

I reached my stop after 20 minutes and galloped to the walkalator, Peter Panning through the morning hustle – such decadence! – and reached my bus that will bring me to JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) proper.  I was happy I wore my favorite walking shoes as I tagged my ticket.  It simply has wings.

And then there you were.

Out of nowhere, you popped out from the decaying crowd and stepped in in the same bus with me.  It was such a swirl because just a night back, we were together drowning in wine and laughing our wits out. I even wrote you a letter yesterday because I ascertained that we won’t be seeing each other that soon.

But then again, the universe is a laughing gypsy today and of all people, she brought you upon my grumpy midst to, well, perhaps, pluck me out of it.

The cosmos may have a keen sense of humor that it rode its magical head to our axis and produced me – the snappy Peter Pan heading out to work – and you – fresh from a pause with the fortnight’s wine to sun your anima and cook up a tan OFF to JBR, on the same train, on the same bus . . . to create rhyme, reason and resonance all over again.  It is funny indeed how impetuous events can become.  It is funny how two complete oddballs, vulgar in their confessions and at the same time, high-spirited in all sense, can pamper the humor of the intergalactic space.   If liquor can split the body into three, how much more the terrestrial sphere?

Chiz, we are beginning to be fast friends and the whole enchilada is being served right in front of our face.  Does it signify something?  Are we meant to bring our two heads together and create our very own never-never land?  Ever consider being the male Tinkerbell?  You may consider replacing her sprite highness because as of today’s empyrean tale, you sprang from one wing to the next, doused in your suntan lotion and potent flip flops.  Your voltage can detonate the whole of Dubai ! Perhaps, we are the modern day disciples of Jesus Christ.  We could have been consecrated to spread the word of love and we need to discover that together.  Or maybe, dear dark father Lucifer (the god of our darkest emotions) wants us to redeem the fragrance of pain?

and then ………

Lunch was good.  I hoped you liked the Diavola Spaghetti.

I envied your tan.  I wished I enjoyed an hour dip in the ocean with you but I had to work.  I am glad that you had lunch with me nonetheless.

There was no wine but it was frenzied just the same.  It was hilarious when we realized that we know both know this girl – what a small world – but even more hilarious when we came back to where we took off earlier in the morning, at the Metro station, where it dawned on both of us that a bigger hand is working in the midst of chances and that perhaps, an even bigger hand working to bring us together to save the world.  I know that sounds dense but I want to linger on that thought.  There is always something tangible about wishing for big things.  It gives us an overview to hope for good times.  It steers our wishes into certitude.  It makes us smile for being silly.  It makes us children all over again.

Two years back when I began reading a lot of new age philosophy and the law of attraction, I subsequently have gone from hopeless to a person who had complete lapses of memory.   It was crazy but it was a process more than a procedure.  It was a process to bring forth to your acumen the ways of nature, the reality of basic love which is self-love and to make sure you feed your mind with good things.  The things that make you feel good.

I know you will agree with me when I say that rhyme is easy between two people.  It all starts with similarity of views, conscience and spirituality.  It gives us a reason to talk the panoramic photographs of life and it blends nicely to the music that two people create.  Reason, on the other hand, invites two friends to explore the optic linings of the vernacular and find essence in building comfort zones.  This is when two people are already preordaining beliefs and where symbolic representations are ultimately theorized.  The birth of resonance is a marriage of reason and rhyme.  Like an infant between two individuals, it is the beginning of the power of two and the celebration of an explicit union.  Harmony begins. Smiles become collective.

A new dominion is created.

The universe is a vast zone and it has bigger rooms for people like you and me.  IT IS A RECEIVER and it gives.  Like the great Jesus Christ once said, “Ask and you shall receive.”    I think all you have to do is ASK.  And then be grateful and hope for the best.  Simple.

Always trust yourself and trust the infinite cosmos because in all its vastness, the bigger hand is enveloped in an energy that yearns for one particular YOU to hold on to.

Be good to yourself.  It all starts from there.




This is a good second day between you and me.  More chance meetings in the future I hope.

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