cain and abel

Abel Abel

The rumor is spreading

They said you fractured Mother Mary’s skull

And today is your stoning

Yell for Adamcainkillsabel

Shout for Eve,

Leave my brotherly behind

My Visine here is not dripping

Look away and feel the hurt

Not so softly

I am catching my bus

Before your very face as you tremble

In the middle of this vulpine tilt.

Little sister

Do not ask me why

Those tired lips in my despise

Lucky he is to singe your hair

And slice your vulva –

Stop sister, stop that Thatcher glare

Respond to me and respond well

Don’t stultify my delicate scorn

Or sleep your tongue

Against my nervous will

You know I can kill

And killing you will be swell

Remember deceit is my Achilles’ heel

God, my God

Help me here I know not your kindness.

She booted my genitals

While you stew her young lambs

Your cherubs had diarrhea

And she mocked their hurt.

You condemned my offerings

Yet you know she rotted them too.

You were heedful

When she did all these

But you hate with that sleep mask

Even after first light.

God, my God

Now I wobble out of your soul

Lounging on mu lionized anguish,violence



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