Yes I belong in the Apron Society

I am assigned to chambermaid

Flower rooms

To confess my sins in them…

I bathe tubby fittings like a mother

While I sing psalms

To their cold porcelains

And ceramics dolls

With delight

And sanity devotion

With sweat on my chin

I dream of the Vatican

In ruins

The opus castles

The curving roadways

And the shiny crosses

Burning to ashes

His sanctimonious power

Lying in bestial wheelbarrows

Marking an end of a show so big

It seduced Mankind

Every day I blaspheme

I eat the dog shit. I hate my best friend, I create envy

To his loafers and his American accent

While mama prepares her Bible

Her Sunday Bible, ready to seduce me repeatedly

For another piano lesson. For God to renew me


Sometimes I am the clown


The sole cannibal of my own hate.  I merge fear and marijuana

At times when this dusty vase smirks

Like a devil. All unflowered and hateful as I appreciate

It’s beauty, all alone there by the table, dead and alive

Once the shambles

Are brightly polished

Ready to embrace

The coldness of the night

When my hands are raw for tobacco

And the Pope

Temporarily dead.


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