abortive buddhist

last judgement


Did you say human nature?

I say it is an unlighted cigarette

Under profuse Dostoevesky, patient

For the kill, from here from me

I reach the highest moon

I wire God, This is my drought

I thirst for give me’s. Above all this

I shiver knowing

That indeed hell is cold

As my poetic tongue gets lost

In the Thesaurus, my Sanskrit sausage

Where I pledge piety, desire

Seaward I lurch to circumvent

God’s sushi scoff, bringing to light

Veiled verses when her waves rest

Like a sizeable Brian Patten cell bound

Shaping shadows but seeking omega

That puerile death to unexplore

My friend, the fire is into oneness these days

I interlace his fungus with mine

And I finger the latitude where

Love err gently from the date trees

To the unkempt burger lover sitting

Closely next to my owling hour

Even still, do I belong in these robes?

Has my 201 skinned me enough, inside out?

Where the purest child nibbles

On rat teeth the momentary

Visitations of my godlessness


Violently at every kick of sadness?

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