I was once a girl dancing with my incestuous father.

Those were the days when the word awaits my lighter

Or was it the stolen cigarettes?

The shower without the shower curtain all above


Reuniting what was then a gesture of pre-ejaculation

Captured as I was, a little thin boy

To their dolls and the way they sucked my father’s cock

By the balcony, where the dogs splinter, where

His armpits becomes our home, every siesta

Every belt mark when we become his capillary seeds


I was playing alone

I was playing to play

Four years later, a Chinese boy broke me

I saw the playfield once more

Reuniting what was then a gesture of love

A tall thin boy as I was

In love

With the smell of his virgin mouth, still a mystery

Even to this date as I play the field

Over and over again to a dozen incestuous fathers

Who turn away to cheat upon tall thin boys who loved

Their fathers a little differently.

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