Forever And A Day

By Jon Verzosa

Yesterday, I was supposed to watch an Ishmael Bernal film at the UPFI but I got stuck in traffic for more than an hour in San Juan where I was coming from, so, I chose KC Concepcion’s movie, Star Cinema’s Forever And A Day over what was supposed to be a review of a classic 70s film starring Alma Moreno.


OK, I have to admit that I was not expecting to somersault in my chair nor did I suppose to come home late at night last night to fervently write this review either.  In more ways than one, I must give credit the entire movie for its apt ambition to pigeonhole what is in life that there is in a love. Or vice versa.


Simple plot:  Euge (Sam Milby) comes to a vacation in Bukidnon to filter the perils of being a shoe genius, a storyline that reminds me of Orlando Bloom in Elizabethtown, by the way. But when he meets Raffy (KC Concepcion) and as they travel and go on preposterous extreme sports activities together, they start to form a friendship which eventually led to Euge falling for Raffy, against his own expectations.  Also, with Raffy, Euge begins to believe in the good in himself again.


But the story takes a turn after three days because the moment Euge expresses his feelings for her, Raffy suddenly starts to push him away. She admits that he can never have her, and she doesn’t want Eugene to hope for a happy ending with her, because she ‘cannot’ be loved.

The movie, directed by the unique and fearless Cathy Garcia-Molina then takes us to a scrupulous journey towards finding yourself in love, acceptance and loving your own life amid the add-ons like career, choices, advocacy and even, love itself.  So scrupulous, in fact, that the movie lasted almost two hours.  Yes it was quite

Sam Milby and KC Conception in the endearing zipline scene in ‘Forever And A Day’



long-winding but the gorgeousness of Garcia-Molina’s autonomous camera recompensed the excessive chow chows;Dahilayan Adventure Park’s death-defying zipline and the zorb, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, the serene waterfalls and wild rafting scenes (which takes this movie a notch up in my charts) and the actors themselves as both Sam Milby and KC Concepcion are simply so fine-looking.  Throughout the film, Concepcion is deglamourized and still she looked perfect.


Bembol Roco, Rayver Cruz, Dante Rivero and Vivian Velez, as support cast make honest actors in themselves.  Matet De Leon is certainly a great actress and should pursue in more exigent roles next time because, she is not just captivating on screen, she can definitely act!


Sam Milby’s accent is always an obstruction to his radiant acting but his interpretation of Euge’s distresses and self-loathing readies him to bigger roles in the future.  I admire Milby’s command in making the audience feel that he is imperfect and he does this fairly well, despite the fact that he is too charming to be placed on the head-chopping board.  I have never seen Third World Happy but because he conveyed an honest portrayal in this commercial friendly film, I will watch it.  The ideal note of taking much of the romance out of this supposed-love story makes Milby’s contribution to the film worthwhile.  And he is not just another pretty face. I was literally surprised.



KC and Sam with ‘Forever and a Day’ director Cathy Garcia-Molina



KC Concepcion’s last two movies taught her to be razor sharp on what she does.  She finally got me to a certain point that she is, in fact, playing a character.  Her inner beauty (more than her outer beauty which as beautiful as it is raw) and compassion exudes gently in her rendering of the benevolent but brave Raffy.  I was particularly amazed with the mirror scene; clad only in her brassiere, looking in the mirror and examining herself.  That was a moment in the film when moviegoers will have the floor to infuse themselves to a struggling character.  Also, Conception can descent a line and can make it sound riveting. When she said the ‘S’ word in a hyperventilating scene and said the word, “Tae” in one endearing portion, she absolutely brought it down.


If you think the theatrical trailer of this film is already the film, you are wrong.  That’s just ¼ of the film. Watch it for its remaining 3/4 because it will make you realize that a day in your life is more than enough to know that there is love in your life.


And by the way, it has one of the best ending segments that will make you love your own life even more. Now thatyou should see.


Watch Forever And A Day.




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