Geoff Taylor


By Jon Verzosa

The first time I saw Geoff Taylor on television, singing his mightiest with the mighty Jaya in Party Pilipinas, I knew that he will make it big one day. The man has it:  looks, muscles, smile and unmistakably, that big, throaty voice that can make every teenage girl squeak and every confused little boy to start buying his first lip-gloss.  Yes, just being the ultimate male winner of Are You the Next Big Star, and before that, a resident of Pinoy Dream Academy, plus with roles played in soap operas, Geoff has already dominated the fan zone.   It was not at all easy to begin with as four years back, Taylor struggled, if not endured countless trials before hitting the celebrity status.  It was not over four years ago, when he was living further north, far-flung from the drone of neon lights and dreaming big.  Just recently kicking off a slot in the September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine and fruitfully completing two musical plays; Hercules’ 12, a Pop Rock Emo Musicale, where he played the lead part and William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet: A Love Story where he played Romeo opposite Louise Bolton as Juliet, Geoff Taylor is nearly complete in proving that he can do anything; singing, sexy pictorials and doing television acting, movies and stage plays.  He is, without a doubt, a grenade of a talent.  As Jov Almero in a review on Pinoy Pop Biz wrote. “This time, he is bent on expanding his understanding of the craft that he has chosen, en route to becoming one credible artist.  Geoff Taylor is determined to further broaden his range as a singer, give more depth to his acting, and most importantly share his blessings to his much appreciated followers.”


Being a half-American and growing up without a father, this 25 year old gorgeous talent had to brave the glowering facts of being badly off, to stand up on his own grounds at an early age, at the same time believe in the corners of his head that life doesn’t end in one place and that he knew that relying on himself and his gift of music will surely make something out of him.  And it did!


I was curious as to how life was for him around five years ago.  As a teenager who was close to the ocean (and swam mindlessly in it many times over) and its wondrous beauty, miles and miles away, somewhere in Cagayan Valley, weaving his dreams and not even within reach of being where he is in present time.


When I met Geoff Taylor that day, he was already going to and fro the buzzing backstage, getting ready for the gig.  I wanted to reschedule the interview but he was already booked for months, so we had to do it in three parts in one night.  I was lucky enough to complete it, edgy as it was (you know me, guys, I have a flair for impatience), but I promised myself that never again will I do an interview in the middle of an on-going show.


Geoff was convivial and I commended on his hat that day.  He is Ilocano, as my father, and I speak the dialect, so the conversation was both consoling and hassle-free despite the frantic backdrop.  We had pictures taken earlier on and as we viewed it from my camera, he casually joshed, “I am so glad I am quite dark now,” altogether telling me that he has been tanning in the beach, trying to get that exotic dusky complexion.  I affixed my 150-100 vision on him and (thanks to my spectacles) actually commended his tint of fresh russet that looked so much better on broad light.  Also, I have never seen such perfectly catty cheekbones in someone who’s got the body like Geoff Taylor.


He is not only artistic but precariously beautiful.


In Bullets:  Ten Things You Would Like to Know about Geoff Taylor


·       * Unforgettable childhood memory?
When I was about 6 years old I got lost in Cubao in front of the ACT Theatre we’re on our way to get the bus going to Victory Liner in Fairview.   We came from SM at the time and we were geared to go home to the province.  On our way, nabitawan ko ang kamay ng mommy ko at nawala ako.  I remember that there were a lot of people and maraming tao sa daan at hindi ko na nakita ang mom ko bigla bigla!  1 hour na lang paalis na yung bus and my mom was already getting crazy as in sigaw na siya sigaw kakahanap sa akin!  Finally, after 30 minutes, she saw me and we made it to the scheduled departure back to Cagayan.  That was so scary! Also, it taught me a lot to hold on to everything that is dear and precious.  Siguro, from then on, I became more careful with myself and with the things that mean a lot to me.

* When did you discover that you can sing and what made you pursue a career in singing?
My mother ‘sort of’ discovered me.  My mom bought me a microphone-play, not the fancy one, mind you, but that cheesy plastic one and she said she wants me to become a singer someday kasi napansin niya na lagi kong sinusundan iyong kumakanta sa TV. When I was in 1st grade, my teacher gave me a part in an intermission number during the closing program. I guess I was a hit!  From then on, throughout high school and college, I became the resident singer in our town. That’s when I said, hmmm, why not become a singer by profession?

* Who is your life idol?
There’s no other idol in my life other than my mother who always gives me the courage in everything I undertake.  My career, my personal fears, my choices, everything!  She’s always been there.  I am so lucky to have a friend and a mother who is always there to support me.  If I can also choose another idol, I guess it is God because I have a deep faith in Him and believes that He has been there for me throughout the ups and downs of my life.  I am grateful that I have such bevy of fans all over the Philippines too who tweets me everyday – such an inspiration! – and who are always there and sometimes, follows me wherever I go, even in provincial shows!

*  Describe Tuguegarao, your province of Cagayan and your life there before your life now.
Tuguegarao City is still the best place to be primarily because it is home for me. It highly urbanized now but also, it is an old and romantic city dating back to the 1800s.  Also, the town is harboured by the Sierra Madre mountains.  You should try the pansit there it is the best! The pansit there has soup as well, so that’s something everyone who wants to come to Cagayan should try.  Most of all I love and miss my hometown Buguey which is a quiet, coastal town. Growing up there baptized me to a simple but peaceful life of family and the sea.  I miss the seafood especially the delectable lobsters, crabs and the shrimps. When I was kid, I spent numerous times swimming in the beach and the river na muntik pa akong nalunod dati.

* What is the most important thing in your life right now and why?


My career is the most important thing in my life right now kase there are more things that I’d still want to do. Madami pa din akong gusting patunayan sa sarili ko para matupad lahat ng mga pangarap ko.  I think wanting something in life means challenging yourself so I am up for the challenge.  I still have a lot of dreams to fulfil.

* What are your dreams and how do you see yourself in five years time?
Simple lang naman. Hopefully, by then, I already have my own house, perhaps, a brand new car and a stable job. A job that I could call my own to which I am at my happiest.  It might be in showbiz or a business of my own.  At bilang isang singer, katulad ng ibang singer ay sana matupad nang magkaroon ng sariling kong album because that’s also one of my dream aside from having a comfortable life with my own family in the future.

* Who inspires you and what drives you to work as hard as you do?
There is no other inspiration in my life other than my mom. In all the things that I do, I always think of her and it is always for her as well.

* Who do you miss most right now?
I miss my great grandma Mildred Taylor in Utah, my Grandma Carol Buroker in Oregon.  They’re all sweet to me.  I miss my dad the most, I guess.  I love all of them.


·       * What makes you feel whole?

For me, it’s important that I share my blessings sa ibang nangangailanganKahit konting tulong lang, at least I get to use my resources para ma-improve.  This makes me feel complete – sharing.  Kaya sa mga charity work, I volunteer whenever I have the time para maibsan kahit papaano ang kalagayan nila.  Kahit man lang ‘yung makantahan sila.


* How would you want to be remembered?
I want to be remembered as a son and a good friend especially to my family and my loved ones.






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