Pinoy Pop Biz

By Jon Verzosa

I was walking along Ortigas the other day and asked myself why that woman, that crazy woman, was glued to texting even at the midst of the highway, with her head down, oblivious that at any time anyone can just sped pass her and kill her.
Oh well. I am in the Philippines and I am within common grounds, so, I presumed that in case she got killed, it really wouldn’t be my fault but hers.
Was she on Twitter? Was she that desperate to relay a message that it made her forget that she was, in fact, crossing the street and needed to be extra careful?
I ignored her foolhardiness and continued my walk.  A few seconds later, I heard a loud screech of tires and turned my head and saw the woman cussing to the car that nearly made her paralyzed for life. Or dead.  I looked at her and said under my breath, “Gaga!”



The street was busy.  It was 6:00 PM and the inhabitants of Ortigas’ concrete jungle, including myself, was getting ready to catch their bus, train, teleserye and each praying under his breath that traffic would not be as heavy as it was the previous day.

In between the dashing of sweaty bodies and the non-stop clicks and commotion of their electronic devices, all the beautiful colours each one made included their scuttle into their quiet world that was both filled with anxiety, unwanted stress and vehemence.
Each lurking outside himself not to recollect the events of the day but to rediscover the person behind the secretary, the bank teller, the call centre agent, the stylist, the hungry, the successful, the grapevine and the religious as he sits on the bus, heading home, rediscovering.


As a writer, I have always relied on the stirring lives of other people to come up with something to write about.  I believe that is the reason why I ostensibly write: to tell a story and to make (my four loyal) readers realize that life doesn’t stop in events and in results.
It still begins even after a heartbreak, being terminated from a job, losing a loved one, feeling ugly, being stuck in one place, being unpopular, being paranoid about natural disasters, needing a make-over and simply being dormant in any situation that doesn’t define positivity.
In retrospect, I have also relied on myself, my life and in my unearthing of inspiration – the sparks – that brainwave – the pop.


Being Filipino, being Pinoy for that matter, is about being innovative.  The Philippines, in its ethnic metabolism, that of being the best copycat in all of Asian history can sound disparaging but to me, it is, in fact, the star factor of being the Filipinos that we are.
And like a butterfly, we are all born beautiful and multi-dimensional to hop from one flower to the next, beautifying and assimilating our in-born shade to other’s influences, thus, giving birth to something, fundamentally Pinoy.  I, Pinoy.  I, POPbiz.  We are not perfect but we are all picturesque.


PinoyPOPbiz will be your companion in telling you stories about remarkable people who will enthuse your spirits, opinions and impressions from our eminently young breed of writers, places where we have been that deserves your company and hot local and international showbiz news that will keep all of you abreast and involved.
This website does not only promise creative and youthful energy that embody service excellence but it is also interactive, thus, your estimation will matter and we will be tagging you in with your personal views in our columns called Show Stopper, Stars and Butterflies, Tea Time, LovEmail, Beauty Full, Health Talk with Doc and Where To.
PinoyPOPbiz believes that we are all butterflies in a nationwide of gardens and that we are all stars of our time and generation.  I, Pinoy.  I, Pop.  We are for positivity, making a difference, being involved and catching up amid the busy-crazy, sometimes, open-ended life we lead.
You will be entertained.

WELCOME to Stars and Butterflies . . .


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