Welcoming 2012 : Pinoys in Review, 2011

By Jon Verzosa


In May 14 of 2011, PINOY POP BIZ was born.  For that alone, we have all the reasons to thank our lucky stars for being here.


Also, 2011 has been a year of infinitesimal details in entertainment, politics, newsmakers and the total outlook of Filipinos living inside and outside the country.


If there was anything more ironic than two government epoch fist fighting and dirt-digging to show the entire country whose muscle can flex harder, then, in my own inference, the year 2011 restrained the Pinoy attitude of being creative in terms of solving the real problems.  Or perhaps, sardonically, it has served its creative purpose as the entire Filipino nation either agreed or disapproved the day-by-day issues surrounding former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s plunder cases brewing in the Supreme Court and President Pnoy’s seethe towards a former leader who brought the entire nation to its all-time low as graft and corruption sashayed its way to defy his tenure alongside killer typhoons, unresolved murders, landslides, a senator stepping down from his position, a shocking suicide in the PNP and his Vice President, Jejomar Binay called for the re-imposition of death penalty to give Filipinos a “discipline”.

In April, when the whole world temporarily stopped, including the Philippines, to watch the live broadcast of the royal wedding, gawking to Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the country also had to deal with young actor AJ Perez’s untimely death, Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez’s controversial resignation and veteran journalist and University of the Philippines professor of Mass Communication department Chit Estella was reportedly killed in an accident of a bus and a taxi that she was riding on.  Of course, soon after that, Typhoon Bebeng leaves the country, along with billions of dollars in property damaged.  Again, Pinoys dabbled on elemental scrutiny; are we cursed? Will we have 3,700 typhoons in a year?  Are we stupid?  Are we simply malas?


Not quite.  Manny Pacquiao retains his welterweight crown in lieu of a very controversial fight to which even Pinoys thought that it shouldn’t have been his triumph but his opponent’s.  While the misfits of nature crowd our conscious existence and traffic in EDSA got more nerve-racking, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2011 Shamcey Supsup, was the 3rd Runner-Up at Miss Universe 2011 held at Sao Paulo, Brazil in September.  A month later, Gwendoline Ruais, Miss World-Philippines 2011, was crowned the 1st Runner-Up at Miss World 2011 held at London.  We also placed as finalist in Miss Inernational and Miss Earth – superstitious news was also believed that these wins were started by the Venus Raj cult who, in 2009, broke the pageant drought when she rocked the Miss Universe 2009 as fourth runner up.  Also, 4 – Philippine Football Team placed Second in 2011 Long Teng Cup held in Taiwan and exultantly, The National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines, the highest governing body on issues and policies relating to science and technology, spearheaded a roundtable discussion on “How Sustainable Is Organic Agriculture?”.


Top showbiz newsmakers include the much-talked about KC Concepcion – Piolo Pascual break-up following a very nasty fiesta on Pascual’s sexual preference.  Rhian Ramos and Mo Twister’s very ugly split with Rhian’s alleged abortion of their baby.  Jennylyn Mercado was purportedly beaten by boyfriend Dennis Trillio, hence the break-up.  Months later, Luis Manzano admitted being Jennylyn’s current boyfriend.  But as the issues become more itemized as they did, Ram Revilla’s death, perhaps the biggest news ever to rock the entertainment industry came into the Pinoy’s consciousness – in full frontal.  It has triggered the insightful arena of family, conspiracy and the power of money.  It involved a very powerful family and the entire nation watched with skilful eyes, detailing every inch of its drama on television and on broadsheet.  Overall, I just had this thought:  The taste of intrigue is sweet and sour because stars and famous people are involved.  What is the word of intrigue?  Murder.  Consequently, any form of intrusion is murder.  Too bad stars are public properties.  And my Pinoy standpoint is still obsessed with its minutiae simply because it is electrifying or perhaps because the year 2011 sparked off a year when Filipinos are assessing angles in anything that happens to the country.  Or maybe we are all snoopy by nature, please help me decide.


And here comes 2012.  The Year of the ‘Water Dragon’ as feng sui experts say.  By far, they are saying that the coming year might usher in a chaotic period for the government, with the last half of 2011 wrought with accusations of and retribution for wide-spread corruption. However, with the dragon embodying luck for the Chinese, it is also believed that the New Year would be generally trouble-free for the country, which has been hounded by disasters.  Perhaps I can say that amid it all, Pinoys are known to be very positive even in knotty situations, so I guess, we will survive 2012.


At dahil diyan, THANK YOU 2011 !  We (hopefully) learned a lot from you.


Old news?




At least there is hope.  At least, in any year that became shockers and sleepers, Pinoys always had hope. Even in sadness, we can party all night and sing our videokes.  We have always survived because of hope.


And believed in hope.


Easy on the paputoks, fellow Pinoys.  Enjoy your New Year’s.


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