I Do Bidoo Bidoo


This is so good you can actually eat it! I can’t assert that I Do Bidoo Bidoo is the best Filipino film I have seen this year but here is the catch:  it is so attractive and indescribably settled in a lot of ways that I am considering it as a main course, God permit, to a number of gems that came out this year, 40 per cent of which came from this year’s Cinemalaya films.  OK, that may have sounded a bit ostentatious but then again, here is the catch: the body of the entire film personified the initiation of two (very dissimilar) families and their quandary into marrying their two awfully infantile children.  Simple plot? Yes.

But who cares? The gist was served with the right blend of seasoning; the side dish – its ensemble cast – was both spicy and sweet, the meal was served in china with its emotions, sexual oomph and comic disorientations, peppered with its Pinoy flavour to which the audience either roared with laughter or simply wept in tears but most of all, the luminary beast or quite cleanly, the meat for the taking – one awful gorge I might add –  was non-other than the music of the iconic group “the” Apo Hiking Society.  Simple movie? No.

Also, it has Gary Valenciano, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Ogie Alcasid and Eugene Domingo.  Where else can you go?


I am a not an immense musicale enthusiast nor am I a Sam Concepcion groupie but tonight, I think I would watch more musicals more often simply to get (or refeel) that post-cinema youthful flush that I have never felt in a long time.  I remember telling my brother and sister (both younger than me but were more smouldered by Apo Hiking Society than yours truly) “Mabuhay ang Apo!”

Quite certainly, I am also now a big fan of the enchanting Sam Concepcion simply because he finally got his turf right and did it splendidly well.  Tippy Dos Santos, his partner in the said film, was also rightfully paired with him.  The last time I saw Sam was in the Shake Rattle and Roll of last year and found him just right.  But here, oh in this film, he did not just radiate with keen sensitivity but also had sexuality way beyond his boyish charisma.  His dance moves and singing were flawless. The kind of acting that Sam gave us was that of a ricocheting sparkle, bursting with energy and authenticity. You should not miss his Blue Jeans and Panalangin number.  On second thought, his presence throughout the movie was remarkable so do not miss anything.   I remembered telling my brother during the Batang Bata Ka Pa number, “Bagay din pala kay Sam Concepcion gumanap ng mahirap,” hence, if I may say so or in chorus if you’ll allow, Sam is such a star here.  And my thought: Sana ganyan ka-talented  lahat ang mga batang artista ngayon.


Yes.  This Chris Martinez’s film is one mouth-watering harmony of Apo’s greatest songs (post-modern and post EDSA – absolutely timeless) jammed with the most up-to-date arrangements and handle that will cater to all age groups.  In the beginning of the film, there may have been a few hits and misses but it will outgrow its miniature blemishes and it would promise to be one hell of a festival as it goes along.  Do not miss the now-classic Di Na Natuto with Ogie Alcasid and Eugene Domingo.  Also, the pamamanhikan segment that may have given birth to a very winning Jaime Fabregas and of course, Neil Mancosa’s gay love for Sam Concepcion which was both poignant and uproarious.  Mahirap Magmahal Ng Syota Ng Ibaand Kaibigan was well told in this.

I can be a spoiler and tell you everything (and I desperately want to knowing me) but I am not giving it all away because I am urging you to spend that 200 pesos on this film because, with its music, its numbers (I have to separate both) and fine acting will make you weep (not cry thanks to my sister Dess) and laugh at the same time.  I Do Bidoo Bidoo is indeed an encounter.  It will guarantee an indescribable post-cinema youthful flush that we all deserve to have after a hard day at school or at work.  I am calling it the Bidoo Waaaaaaah Experience.  Let go and take it in.  What’s more faultless than music in film?  It is, FYI, also trending on Twitter right at this very moment.

Graded A by the powers that be and still very much in cinemas. Catch it or you will miss this year’s cinematic main course.

Kantahan na!

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