Mika Baron

After I met and talked to Mikaela Baron, the young and beautiful owner of Our Kitchen, I saw her walking past the streets of Paris, a young and bubbly woman who was still stitching her dreams, burning the midnight oil and looking ahead where greatness lies ahead of her.  Born from parents who generated the country’s leading catering service, Manila Catering, she knew early on that her parents did not start off in a snap.

“Both my parents are hard working.  They started our family business as a humble catering service for parties and such and through the years, has paid off well, simply because of hard work,” she said.  “Of course, passion comes first.  My mother, Milit, is such a great cook.  She has recipes way before her generation.  She then fused a mindless lot with her very own concoctions, thus, creating dishes that are both customary and creative.”

“Where was Mika Baron in all of this?” I asked.

“Well, Mika was learning.” Mika laughed. “As a young girl, I would go with my mom and help her out, so, even as a young girl, I was already becoming skilled at customer relations, service and tasting the correct flavour of quality and delicious food.

In many ways, I’ve always wanted to do this.  I am a big fan of food – in fact; all of us in the family are foodies – and what better way to use that than to excel in it.  So, after I graduated from Ateneo de Manila, I figured, why not open my own restaurant?”

And so OUR KITCHEN was born.

“I was in Paris,” she began, “when I saw people taking food from a vendo machine.  Like any other city in the world, Paris carries people who lead fast and active city lives.  Just like Manila. From there, I figured, why not create a take-out restaurant where busy people can actually go to, take their quality meals in a snap and be satiated.  I told myself, why not take some time out to reduce time and make time management and eating right a phenomenal feat in hospitality service?”

After a few months, OUR KITCHEN became an affiliate of Manila Catering.  It has been known as the food provider for Zest Air and Magsaysay Lines Luxury Cruise.  Manila Catering is also the accredited caterer for Gazebo Royale, Ninoy Aquino Centre, The Glass Garden, Mango Farm and Union Hall among many others.  It is a family-owned business headed by President and Chief Operating Officer, Milit Salao-Baron.  Mika is the vigour of OUR KITCHEN and considers the catering / take out store her heedful baby, born out of that fateful day in Paris.

When I asked why she ventured on a take out- home delivery-catering business when she can simply open a contemporary restaurant or deli, she said, “Simply because we now live in a world where everything is fast paced.  With that alone, we need everything around us to be fast as well.  With OUR KITCHEN, we are promising express ready-to-heat meals, food to go, and delivery service that does not question the value of quality.  We want to make sure that what our patrons are having are high-quality meals without being late to their appointments without having to prepare as much.”

Mika Baron is indeed innovative.

“What else do you do?” I asked wondering someone so young and so beautiful can, in fact, rise up excellence in a time when she should be partying and doing things most young people do these days.

“Oh I surf!  I love the water and surfing takes out a lot of stress.  I like it very much,” she flashed a very endearing smile and continued on, “I guess young people should be able to know what they want early on.  Being young and active means having a head start.  My advice for young people who are fresh out of college, to know what is in store for them.  A career is still good simply because it will pave way for a lot of things to you as a person.  Education does not stop after graduation. You have to be brave to face the world and its challenges.  It is never easy but if you believe in yourself, I am very sure you can do it!”

By the way, apart from the fact that she is a businesswoman, Mika Baron has also done several TVCs released abroad and she also likes to read.

“How would you want to be remembered?”  I asked my classic question.

“As a young entrepreneur who did what she did and had fun doing it.”

The Writer with Mika Baron


OUR KITCHEN promises warm, hearty, thoughtfully prepared specialty dishes, bringing mouth-watering feasts to every table everyday and whatever the occasion is.  Their Logo is OK (Our Kitchen) which also guarantees quality products to every customer.  Indeed, it holds true because every corner of OUR KITCHEN implies cleanliness.  Also, their selection of organic food is vast, from pastries to the standard ulam and is all free from artificial flavours and preservatives.

You will be enthused with their Ready to Heat (RTH) Meals that are packed in microwavable containers with all the flavours and freshness locked in through blast freezing.  Each container is enclosed in tasteful black belts showcasing the look of the food when heated.  Just follow the three simple steps:  Heat, Serve, ENJOY.  OUR KITCHEN also have Food-To-Go (FTG) which will be a treat for everyone who wants the comfort and ease of serving yummy full menu treat in their homes and offices every day, whatever the occasion is.  Both for for pick-up and delivery, OUR KITCHEN’s FTG are hot and delivered fresh in convenient ovenable trays contained in thick carton boxes to make sure your food will arrive hot and fresh.

And when you visit any of OUR KITCHEN branches, do not miss their enchanting selection of cakes, pastries, breads and loaves and their amazing bottled items that has everything from salad dressings to pasta sauces, from Lemon Tinapa to special condiments, and from Dulong in Oil to Burong Isda.  They have everything!

Call their hotline now!  415 8777

Visit and call Our Kitchen branches near you :

47 Visayas Avenue, cor Congressional Avenue, Quezon City

Tel  929 0699

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Tel  355 5755 loc 121

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Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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